XXIInd Brussels International Spine Symposium – 2015

New Technologies in Spine Surgery

New Technologies in Spine Surgery

Stem cells and biologics, imaging, robotics, guidance, materials…etc

20 y 21 de noviembre del 2015

The XXIInd Brussels International Spine Symposium will take place on November 20 and 21, 2015. It is one of the most important spine meetings in Europe and will be co-chaired by Robert Gunzburg (Brussels), Marek Szpalski (Brussels) and Jean-Charles Le Huec (Bordeaux). This year, the XXIInd edition of the meeting, will focus on the new technologies available in spinal surgery and spinal care: biologics, stem cells, robotics, imaging, navigation etc…. The preliminary program and all practical information are now available on www.spinesymposium.com.


This subject will be treated in depth by the following world renown opinion leaders:

J.J. Abitbol (San Diego)
M. Aebi (Bern)
G. Appelboom (Brussels)
R. Assaker (Lille)
M. Benoist (Paris)
P. Berjano (Milano)
R. Bertagnoli (Staubing)
S. Blumenthal (Dallas)
C. Bolger (Dublin)
B. Boszcyk (Nottingham)
H. Brisby (Göteborg)
C. Colloca (Phoenix)
E. Fomekong (Brussels)
R. Guyer (Dallas)
S. Hu (San Francisco)
N. Knoller (Tel Aviv)
J.C. Le Huec (Bordeaux)
C. Lamartina (Milano)
A. Lundin (Örebro)
M. Mayer (Munich)
E. Muehlbauer (Chicago)
R. Mullholland (Nottingham)
M. Nordin (New York)
S. Rajasekaran (Coimbatore)
F. Smith (Aberdeen)
J.P. Steib (Strasbourg)
M. Szpalski (Brussels)
A. Vaccaro (Philadelphia)
F. Villarejo (Madrid)
H.J. Wilke (Ulm)
D. Wong (Denver)

Preliminary scientific program:


What’s new in lab mechanical testing?
What is a stem cell and how can we produce it?
Bone welding
New cement technologies

Education and training

Learning curve in new technologies
What’s new in education?


Understanding MRI and its evolution
Preoperative work-up before spine surgery – is there something new to add?
Twenty first century spinal imaging

Conservative treatment

Biological treatments for spinal disorders – is it going to happen?
Instrument-assisted spinal manipulation
Electronic health record integration: emerging technologies for conservative care and database registry

Cells and biologics

The current state and use of stem cells in spine surgery
Advances in stem cell technology in spinal cord injury
Monocytes use for spinal cord repair
Stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury: Sending patients from Denver to enroll in the Israeli RCT
Single site experience with stem cell supplementation of lumbar fusion
Chondrocyte transplantation in intervertebral disc
What surgical techniques reduce complications from Bone Morphogenetic Proteins?

Peri-operative imaging, guidance and robotics

Multi-axis robotic intra-operative imaging
Qualitative evaluation of thoracic asymmetry in scoliosis with 3d photography
Robotic assistance in spine surgery
Usefulness of robotics in spine surgery
Robotic Surgery and the accuracy of pedicle screw placement
Per-op real time imaging of spine shape modification

Surgical techniques

New technology for decompression for the lumbar spine inside out
Is there really anything new in implants?
Cauda equina evaluation probe
Patient-specific screw placement-guides
Percutaneous surgery: how far can we go?
Use of nanotechnologies in implants
3D printing for spinal implants
Where do we stand in disc closures techniques?
New developments in pedicle screw guidance

Economy and Ethics

What methodologies and criteria are being used by Technology Assessment Agencies in the Evaluation of New Technology? The good, the bad and the ugly of comparative effectiveness research
Advances in Spine Surgery – For Whose Benefit
New technologies-the law, ethics and informed consent
Promising innovations in the past that have failed
New methodologies for literature review
Connected applications in spine

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